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Descobri o que a Microsoft quer com o Suse Linux
« Online: 10 de Novembro de 2006, 13:14 »
Somando A + B = C descobri finalmente o que a Microsoft quer com o Linux.
O texto é meu e está em inglês, mas vou explicar depois...

It´s simple to understand:

Palladium tecnology by the fear of piracy is being concepted out of users opinion, secretly they are achieving a way to control users and control what you have in your machine to determine if you are a criminal or not, they can avoyd to sell software to you, banks can negate service to your computer, you cannot listen music if your computer or hardware changes, you cannot show Videos with non HDCP Monitor and Video card Compliant and a hardware key with software key to let it function really. You cannot use other instant messaging and cooperate with other software if they do not want by the hash the software gives to a Palladium platform.

Palladium = Vista

Since the tecnology is leaded by Microsoft, and no Linux distro start using it the same way Microsoft is using, the interoperability will be a major problem for people who do not have a Palladium compatible platform. They can avoid comunicate with your computer.
Most of the Linux distros think it will be a good thing if the user can control it, and they are certain in the way the users can control it´s own life.

But Microsoft is secretly doing it in a manner that they will find a way to at the same time combat piracy and make some extorsion to the user elevating the prices at higher levels and this support is extensible to all of the ecosystem of proprietary stuff.

What SUSE did is to join them to make interoperability faster than the others, giving SUSE an REAL advantage, but of course Palladium will have to be revised to support more O.S. . The bad thing is Microsoft can always do it´s own implementation and try to leave others to oblivion. I t will be the future and the war of Attestation.

For now they all know that if propaganda of interoperability is good, the image of gangsters will be lower for now and people will at least try to belive Microsoft is embracing Linux. It´s a lie.

SUSE will not pay fees for a while to use the tecnology and people can interoperate with the majority of the comercial operation in that period, and when Paladium growth are suffucient, banks and others will run for it, with the promess they can control everything and everyone who make comercial things in form of electronic transactions.

The others will be treated as criminals or stay out of the way, and it will include for now the vast majority of softwares inside the market, most of Linux and older versions like 98, 2000, and even XP will stay out of the way of Palladium since they do not met the requirements of software/hardware Microsoft is doing.

Obviously they will patent and register the software/hardware and the way they do transactions, and then does not matter if you have Linux, Windows, Mac, FreeBSD, or anything like, if you do not have Palladium like software, you will not be able to do all the stuff they will probably show to your son into the TV.

It´s the REAL secret behind SUSE/VISTA.

OK, any way or another Microsoft will have to make interoperability with other softwares, but UE sues Microsoft not for Palladium , But fot the net interoperability,They are forgetting this side and for now Microsoft with Suse can cooperate in a manner SUSE with hiss stuff will embrace Windows Vista and Vista Will interoperate with Linux, But in particular manner in wich Microsoft can study the codes and SUSE can do the same thing.
It will give time to both sides.
Employees at Microsoft are prohibited to know the codes of Linux ( or at least talk about it). The way that it can be done, Microsoft is interested in Make Palladium a first alternative to secure electronic transactions, but it will bring Linux out of the way generating more litigations. What is the solution here for future litigations ?
SUSE is Linux, they can coopperate in a manner that Palladium can be implemented in Linux like another proprietary stuff the consumers have to pay. ( like some drivers and some softwares ). If the consumers do not pay, Can not access banks and softwares, media, videos, musics money transactions, etc, because they do not have the apropriate software.
Palladium will bring institutions a more secure way to comunicate through Internet, yes, it is true. Palladium is secure, very very secure, But can be adversely afected by the interests of comercials owners in a way that they can renegate you to control your own computer or your life. And can be hacked in a VM.

If Palladium can be ported to everything ( With the help of SUSE, in the Linux world ), they can sell them to customers and Windows going down will not make any difference for them, they have all the transactions in the world under control, selling what every closed source, comercial and proprietary owners want to control their business and the users.
All of them will go trough Palladium tecnology to secure their proprietary stuff, If the user change a bit in their software. Will be renegated.
5 Years is sufficient to Bring Palladium to the Linux world,
Thats why they are trying to stop you from doing secure transactions in an Vista System under VM, Cause you can understand the system and can generate an ghost machine, and then the system have holes, The major Hole is treated in the EULA.
" You can not play copy protected content under a VM " the EULA says.
Even with all of the tecnology stuff involved in Palladium I guess they discover a breach of security, and they are working harder to stop before it can be discovered.

I can imagine the breach -> Laptops with Vista under VM. Cause they can use any IP adress, causing the system to be cloned if you clone the Virtual Mac Adress and Bios and a Hash of the HDD,

They will give what EU is Wanting trhough SUSE Linux, Course first under a groupware to try to shoot and Kill Red Hat, but it will not function, and they all know it, but it will give time to them to develop Palladium for " Aproved Linux ", and if we have to pay fees, and those fees are from closed source that we can't escape, they will have to prohibit the users to understand and possibly use inverse engineering, Linux users can be SUED by Microsoft !!

The agreement does not cover Palladium. And then we will stay treatened !
We will not make any comercial transaction if we are under a Vista VM, That is the cause of the agreement too, And Xen source, VM can ghost a Palladium Machine and they know that it can be done ! They will do anything to secure Palladium in any manner !

What is being done Really -> a Way to bring palladium to Linux and a way to secure Palladium from atacks that possibly tell Vista the hardware under a VM is true Hardware.

Those are beaulty ? think again ....


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Re: Descobri o que a Microsoft quer com o Suse Linux
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Amigo, melhor editar teu tópico senão pode ser trancado devido as regras daqui.

2 - Este fórum foi criado com o objetivo de ser uma comunidade de utilizadores do Ubuntu que falam a língua portuguesa. Por isso, todas as mensagens deverão ser postadas em português, independente das variantes lusófonas, sob pena de serem apagadas sem aviso prévio.


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Re: Descobri o que a Microsoft quer com o Suse Linux
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O Arlei já me ajudou!
BigLinux no Notebook  / Várias Distros Virtualizadas no PC.