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Aha uhu o Niemeyer é nosso
« Online: 05 de Setembro de 2005, 19:34 »
Cara eu não acreditei quando ví esta mensagem na lista do Smart , o Niemeyer foi contratado pela canonical , isto é uma notícia ótima, para quem não conhece o Niemeyer é o criador do smart e um dos maiores revolucionários no desenvolvimento do synaptic/apt junto com o Michael Vogts , era funcionário da Conectiva  , creio que ele vá contribuir muito no suporte a python do ubuntu que já é muito bom, agora é esperar pra ver ;-)


De: Gustavo Niemeyer <>
Responder a:
Data: 05/09/2005 17:16
Assunto: [smart] Time to shake

2005/9/5, Gustavo Niemeyer <>:

I'd like to communicate that I'm shaking my life a bit, and
even though I have a lot to say, I'll try to be relatively

Five years ago and a few months I changed my life completely,
moving to a different city, looking for challenges to be bitten,
looking for experience, and for smart people that could make me
learn more and faster. At that time, I wasn't sure if Conectiva
would fulfill what I was looking for, but even then I decided
that it was worth trying. Now it's easy to look back and see that
it was exactly what I was after. Conectiva presented me many
challenges, and taught me many lessons, in an environment that
was highly constructive and included an amazing amount of

In the background, during those five years, Conectiva has run into
many different states of stability. While this situation was bad
in many senses, like occasionally taking friends away without
notice, it was also good, teaching me to work facing adversity,
bringing new friends, and strengthening relations of those who
were still there.

Finally, a few months ago, Conectiva was acquired by Mandrakesoft,
and became Mandriva. Again, this was bad in a few senses. It'd
mean losing our definitive control over a Linux distribution, and
the power to decide upon new strategies in an absolute way. But,
it was also good, as it'd bring many new challenges, new skillful
friends, and would teach us to live in a broader environment.

Now, while it was my original intention to keep working in that
environment, I recently had the opportunity to meet personally
part of the team behind Canonical, had an overview about the
projects they're currently working on, and was invited to join
the team.

So, the result of this is that once more, I'm moving. Since
August 31st, I'm officially working for Canonical. As was the
case five years ago, I'm not sure if this is the right decision.
What I do know, however, is that my objectives are still the
same: I'm looking for challenges to be bitten, experience, and
for smart people that make me learn more and faster. While my
previous environment certainly had those qualities, right now
Canonical seems to be able to offer challenges which are closer
to my personal line of interest.

If you're worried about what this means for the projects I
currently maintain, don't be. As was the case when I worked
for Conectiva, it's still my objective to make they work on
all Linux distributions.

As a final note, I want to thank everyone at Conectiva (and
Mandriva) for the excellent time I had while working with you,
and special thanks to Cavassin who was my direct manager and
gave me freedom and trust. I also want to thank my new (and old)
friends at Canonical, for the chance of being with you.


Gustavo Niemeyer

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Aha uhu o Niemeyer é nosso
« Resposta #1 Online: 06 de Setembro de 2005, 01:00 »
hahahahah entrei no post só pelo nome... muito chamativo.

Que ótimo que chamaram o cara. Ainda não tive oportunidade de testar esse smart mas quem usou só tem elogios. Deve estar vindo coisa boa porai...

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Aha uhu o Niemeyer é nosso
« Resposta #2 Online: 06 de Setembro de 2005, 11:02 »
Eu uso desde que foi anunciado ,ajudava reportando bugs diretamente para ele...
eu gosto muito do recurso de downloads multiplos e escolha do melhor mirror .